I was introduced to UI/UX as part of my first year courses in university. Going into it, I can honestly say that I really care much for it as it wasn't what I was passionate about. 3 years, 4 courses, and countless hours reading and learning about the industry it stands strongly with the rest of passions and I can't wait to keep learning more.


AEL(Axonify Extended Learning) is a UX project created from a prompt created by Axonify themselves. The goal was to provide Axonify with a solution that when implemented would gives them the ability to provide continuous learning and gamification of skills. This lead to the creation of AEL, a learning application made for workers of any level.


 All-Speak is a UX project created for a GBDA UX course. Through detailed researching and user profiling, we set out to find a solution for avid travellers  who needed an easy to access all-in-one tool that allowed them communicate with locals. The result was All-Speak, the all-inclusive translation tool.

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