👋🏽  Hi there, I'm

Yash Raje

a product designer

A brand builder

living in Philadelphia with a passion for creating FUNCTIONAL experiences that EMPOWER users.


Seeking new UX and Product Design opportunities


• M.S. Student at Thomas Jefferson University
• UX/UI Designer at Teranet
Welcome Weary traveller, rest your legs

I'm a product designer who's been passionate about product design since the day I came across the term in highschool. With over 5years of design experience, I’ve had the opportunity to develop my own design values that I continue to integrate in all my work:

Put the people first

The interfaces we create are dependant on our understanding of users environment and problems; we understand that the best designs are meaningless if they work don't for the people we create for.


Deiter Rams call for "an end to the era of wastefulness" in product design speaks volumes in a digital mediums. When we create products that put the use case first and frills second, we create solutions that can inspire real change.


Usability is a right not a privilege. Understanding the limitations that our users experience in order to create ethical designs that combine business requirements and doing the right thing.

👤  More about me


While my primary focus is product design, I’ve had the chance to work with a range of creative mediums like video production and visual identity development; I even dabble in code on occasion, like building this site.

Open to work, Connect & chat

I’m looking for my next opportunity in the United States, Canada or anywhere human-centered design can be integrated to benefit its users. You check out my resume or reach out on any of my socials to chat about design or sports;
fair warning thought, I am a diehard Raptors fan! 🏀