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🇨🇦Born in Michigan and raised in Toronto my whole life, the Great White North runs through my blood, which means I've been a Raptors fan since before I could talk (#Fade4Cade). I love creating new things that aim to provide meaningful experiences to everyone; ranging from digital products to whatever I cook up in the kitchen.

🎓I'm a recent graduate from the Global Business & Digital Arts program at the University of Waterloo, with plans to continue my education with a M.A in User Experience and Interaction Design.

⚽️When I'm not designing you can catch me religiously following every Raptors game, Manchester City match and McLaren race and I'm always happy to go on forty minutes TED talks (rants) about why each of these is the greatest

💻I'm currently open and looking for opportunities. If you're in need of UX designand visual identity development, I'm always looking for my next challenge.

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Audio Inspiration

Avicii- TRUE
Jon Bellion-
Glory Sound Prep
Childish Gambino-
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