Hi there,

I'm Yash.


I've currently been pursuing my Master's in User Experience and Interaction Design at Thomas Jefferson University. since 2022. Living in Philadelphia, I love spending time exploring the city with my camera or embracing the electric sports culture that Philly brings.

I'm currently building the Batwing out of LEGO, it's only a matter of time before my LEGO obsession takes over all the space in my apartment.


Born in Michigan, raised in Canada, my first taste of digital design came in my high school communications class where my final project was to create a fake magazine cover; since then I've had a love for all kind of digital design across various mediums. I worked as a lifeguard to save up for my first camera and laptop to really kickstart my design ambitions.

I studied Global Business and Digital Arts at the University of Waterloo where I first learned and built my product design skill set, and I even had the chance to manage and grow a print publication for other students in my program.

After graduating in 2021, my first role as a designer came at Teranet, where I really got to wet my beak in a fast-paced design team that emphasized accessible and efficient design.

OFF the Cl🕐ck

When I'm not working, I love playing and watching sports. I'm a diehard Manchester City(Treble Winners!), Toronto Raptors(2019 Champs!) and Mclaren Racing
I've been a huge movie buff since I was a kid and I love the sheer amazement that they bring. I've been logging my watchlist on Letterboxd; and I'm always looking for new recommendations.

Reading is also a huge part of how I love to spend my free time. I usually lean towards science-fiction and fantasy, but comic books will always have a place in my heart! You can check out my ever-growing reading list here!

Off the cl🕚ck

When I'm not working, I enjoy basketball, soccer, travelling, and overall shenanigans of the highest order with my 4 best friends.

📚 reading list

War of the Worlds, The Design of Everyday Things, Sapiens, Umbrella Academy

🎧 On repeat

Because the Internet by Childish Gambino, GSP by Jon Bellion, Stories by Avicii, and Nuture by Porter Robinson.

Let's Get in touch

You check out my resume or reach out on any of my socials; I'm always looking forward to the people I meet!